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Our New Location in North America: Vancouver, BC

November, 2017

Rocktin Technology Canada is a subsidiary company of Guangzhou Huangpu Rocktin Industrial Company Ltd located in China. Our parent company has 28-years of experience in adhesion technology and application. We are capable of providing total solution including mold design, adhesive selection, product testing and automated production design for our customers. Besides, Rocktin is the leader of Low-Pressure Molding technology in Asia. We provide a series of Low-Pressure Molding machines according to customer’s required specifications. Reliability, operator’s safety and production efficiency are taken into account in our machine designs.

We, Rocktin Technology Canada, are here to open up new market opportunities in North America. Our goal is to provide adhesive solutions to local customers with our experience and knowledge inherited from our parent company.

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RAPID + TCT Trade Show in Collaboration with Henkel

May, 2019

It was our honor to be part of the RAPID + TCT 3D Printing Trade Show with our long-term business partner Henkel. We have developed a 3D printing assisted prototyping process for low pressure molding applications that can allow proof of concept at a fraction of the cost compared to a typical mold prototyping process. This innovative process can not only provide our customers a quick preview of the final product design, but also proves the feasibility of using low pressure molding on customer's product without a large upfront cost.

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