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Conformal Coating & Masking

Fully Automated From Masking to Curing

Conformal Coating

Advanced conformal coating material protects the printed circuit boards from thermal shock, moisture, corrosion, and other harms from adverse conditions. This coating increases physical robustness against the harsh environment and prolong the lifespan. Field of applications includes marine, automotive, medical, and consumer electronics. Due to fast curing capability and 100% non-solvent formula properties of the adhesives, our conformal coating is not only production efficient, but also environmental friendly. 


Automated Production Line

Automated Peelable Mask Dispensing System

Advanced masking adhesives in conjunction with sophisticated dispensing equipment are capable of protecting components against dust, moisture, vibration, and conductivity, as well as keeping unwanted area clear of adhesive. This hotmelt adhesive can be easily removed from various substrates without leaving residues. This property makes it an ideal product to replace traditional masking tapes, fixtures, and UV adhesives. This process can be part of automated assembly line with minimal machinery and human intervention. This translates to higher production yield and efficiency.

Rocktin Simply 3 Step Masking


masking Material


Conformal Coating

Peel Mask

Conventional time-consuming Masking

Clean PCB

Mask with Tape


Conformal Coating


Conformal Coating

De-Mask Tape

UV Curing System

We provide environmental-friendly UV curing equipment for curing UV inks, paints, silicone, and adhesives. The incorporation of infrared heating system allows a wider range of applications. To fulfill the requirement of every individual customers, we make sure that our system is compatible with their production line. We manufacture every single parts with highest quality standard and professionally install them onto our customers' production lines.

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