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Precision Adhesive Dispensing Systems

State of the Art Equipment

Two-Component Precision Adhesive Dispensing Systems

High precision, two-component adhesive dispensing system is rather complicated and usually difficult to implement. To get perfect two-component system settings, it requires extensive knowledge on materials, good understanding of adhesive mixing process, and comprehensive application experience. Especially when dealing with high viscosity or high mixing ratio adhesives, there are a lot more to consider when designing the dispensing system to ensure mixing accuracy and consistent dispensing pressure. Therefore, selecting a professional manufacturer and product is the key for successful two-component application system. We have wide range of machines and accessories selection that fulfills various manufacturer's requirements. Our technical support, operational training and customer service are there to guarantee the success of our customer's two-component adhesive applications. 

PUR Hotmelt Adhesive Systems

Due to the rising demand of narrower bezels on the smartphone, PUR (Reactive Polyurethane) is one of the best type of adhesive for this application. PUR is widely used in consumer electronics industry because of its great adhesion property as well as fast initial bonding strength,  It is exceptional at bonding metal, glass, plastic, and other soft substrates. 

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