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Sonderhoff Form-in-Place Sealing Applications

Open to anything, that needs to be sealed.

Safely Sealed

Many components and modules that are used in the manufacture of a diverse range of products, must be tightly sealed after their assembly to ensure that humidity, dust, harmful media or temperature don’t have a chance.

These requirements have led to the situation in which seals that are embedded by hand or directly injected are being replaced more often with automated polymer sealing systems. Our system concept is: gasketing, glueing and potting – under one roof.

As a leading company for customized sealing solutions, Sonderhoff provides its customers with multiply patented knowledge and experience from a wide variety of realized applications. Across all levels, on a wide range of materials and various geometries. Always of optimal quality. Precisely sealed. So that Humidity, Dust & Co. stay outside.


Product Lines

FERMAPOR® K31 – Polyurethane flexible foam systems
FERMADUR® – Polyurethane potting resin systems
FERMASIL® – RTC-Silicone foam systems
FERMAPOR® DD980 – PVC-Plastisoles
FERMASKIN® – Soft Polyurethane foam surrounded by an elastomeric skin


Field of Applications

Lighting – Street pole lighting, sign lighting, moisture-proof lighting, LED lighting
Enclosures – Powder-coated enclosure panel, stainless steel enclosure panel, plastic connection box 
Automotive – Fuel tank cap, door carrier, oil pan, brake light, light fixture plate, loudspeaker, head lamp sealing, air outlet channel sealing, number plate light, timing belt cover
Filters - Paper filters, hepa filters, foam molding radial seal filters, industrial filters, car air filters, vacuum cleaner filter cartridges
Printing – PU hard coating, conductive PU coating, PU soft coating, laser-engravable PU coating
Electronics – Transformer potting, relay potting, capacitor potting
Appliances – Oven glass door, dish washer, vacuum cleaner, ceramic stove top, washing machine, sink, microwave glass door
Packaging – Plastic drum lid, tinplate/steel pail lid, plastic container screw-cap lid
Photovoltaics/Solar heat – PV inverter housing, PV junction boxes, solar panels

Contract Manufacturing Service

Are you looking for Form-in-Place sealing applications to your product, without the need of purchasing expensive equipment? Rocktin can offer contract manufacturing for small to medium quantity production. Our manufacturing service can be fully customized to fulfill distinct customer requirements. Please contact us to learn more.


Sonderhoff Sealing Solutions
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