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Low Pressure Molding Technology

Instead of traditional potting, which takes eight or more distinct steps and up to 24 hours to complete, low pressure molding equipment combines low pressure and temperature to encapsulate electronics parts in as little as 30 seconds. 
Low Pressure Molding is an injection process where the PCB assembly or electronic part is placed in a specially manufactured aluminum or steel mold, then surrounded by the PA material according to the cavity design. 
Low Pressure Molding is a 3-step process rather than an 8-step or more process for potting. This removal of process steps reduces manufacturing time, labour and material costs and improves throughput. There is minimal waste. Uncontaminated scrap is often recyclable and the process is environmentally friendly, giving off no toxic fumes. The end result is a tamperproof and environmentally sealed product.

1. Insert Electronics

Place the bare PCB into the mold cavity. Throughput can be increased by having multiple cavity. 

2. Mold

Inject adhesive into the mold to surround the PCB at low pressure and temperature.

3. Test

Molded products are ready for testing upon removal from the mold cavity.



a.    Reduced manufacturing steps
b.    Reduced equipment and operations footprint
c.    Fewer machines in a manufacturing line
d.    Reduced cycle time per part
e.    Capable of molding sensitive electronics

Tackling Adhesive Charring

PA adhesives under prolonged exposure to heat can be prone to charring. Charred adhesives can clog filters and nozzles, work its way into the substrate and affecting surface finish, or even work its way into pumps, breaking seals, and scoring and damaging the pump walls. In these situations, the melter needs a nitrogen blanket. Since oxygen is a component that causes the charring process, injecting low-pressure nitrogen into the melt tank help eliminate oxygen. This forms a blanket of nitrogen and keeps oxygen in the air from contacting the adhesive.

3D Printed Molds for Prototyping and Testing

Are you looking for a low pressure molded prototype, but cannot afford the price of a metal mold?


We provide our proprietary 3D printed mold making service at a fraction of the cost. This allows anyone who is interested in applying low pressure molding to their products to gain confidence on our capability and technology. 



Low Pressure Molding Solutions
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